OJ Oleka is a RINO
Republican in Name Only

You need to read the nasty, vile comments that OJ Oleka has made about Donald Trump:

At a candidate forum in Nicholasville, on February 21, 2023, I confronted OJ about his tweets and I asked him why he had deleted them from his Twitter account. OJ said that in 2015 he did not know what kind of politician Trump would be but after Trump became President OJ realized Trump was a good President and then went on to tell us how wonderful he thought Trump turned out to be.

That was ALL a big LIE!

How do I know that was a lie? Because those Trump hating tweets you just read were not deleted by OJ until late in 2022. If OJ's view of Trump had changed while Trump was President, those tweets would have been long gone while Trump was still president.

So why wait until late 2022 to delete those Trump trashing tweets? That pretty simple, that's when OJ decided he was running for State Treasurer.

OJ's no fool, he's a very clever and slick politician. He knows that about 70% of Kentucky Republicans support Trump, that only about 20% oppose Trump and the remaining 10% are in the middle. OJ knows that if you are a Trump supporter and you know how much he has trashed Trump you won't vote for OJ. Why would you? I won't be voting for OJ because of what he has said about Donald Trump, what he has said about the police and what he has said about racism.

That's why OJ lied when I asked him why he deleted those tweets. Of course OJ hoped that he would never have to lie, he hoped that voters would never see all those nasty tweets he made about Trump which is exactly why he deleted them. Fortunately someone took screen shots before OJ made them vanish and there are plenty more nasty tweets where those came from. OJ's got much more to say about Trump, about the police and about racism.

CLICK HERE  to see more of the nasty comments that OJ made on Twitter.

And there's another way to know that OJ is lying. While he deleted all those nasty tweets, what you won't find anywhere is anything that OJ has said that is positive about Trump. You won't see that because the people funneling money into OJ's campaign are Trump haters. In fact OJ is receiving thousands and thousands of dollars from Democrats and political PACs that exclusively give money to Democrats. Those people are quite happy that OJ has said nasty things about Trump.

So why is OJ the apparent darling of the Republican political establishment?

While 20% of Kentucky Republicans are against Trump, the fact is that a disproportionate number of Kentucky Republican politicians are against Trump. I would venture to guess that as many as about 40% the Kentucky Republican politicians in Frankfort do NOT like Trump. Over the last 30 years Mitch McConnell has spent a lot of money getting his people elected in Frankfort and many of them are what I call "McConnellites". Now you won't catch most of them saying nasty and vile stuff about Trump, like OJ or Mitch McConnell have, but there are a lot of them who want Donald Trump to go away just like their pal McConnell wants Trump to go away.

As it turns out, OJ Oleka has become an excellent litmus test for the anti-Trump Republican politicians because a number of those politicians have lined up to endorse OJ. Here's the list that OJ published:

And they keep piling on hoping you ignore those tweets:

OJ doesn't just dislike Trump, he also dislikes Trump supporters.


So OJ believes that Trump's message is racist. And Trump's racist message is resulting in black protestors getting assaulted at Trump events? Do you recall EVER seeing Trump assaulting a black person at one of his events? No, that has never happened. So who is doing this alleged assaulting? OJ is accusing Trump supporters of this behavior! OJ believes that if you support Trump you are just part of the "Trump trash".

And it's little wonder that the Democrats are supporting OJ with campaign contributions. Read this:

I think we can safely conclude that OJ Oleka not only wanted Hillary Clinton to win, but he voted for her in 2016. Why would he have voted for Clinton? Was he hoping for progressive and liberal policies and programs? Let's check the record.

OJ Oleka supports the teaching of CRT (Critical Race Theory)

What is Critical Race Theory?

Critical Race theory is known by many names. Here's a list.

Understanding Activist Jargon

From that article:

And here is OJ himself, explaining (lobbying) for "implicit bias" training (aka CRT) to be taught in schools:

OJ Reading Resolution Supporting CRT Being Taught in Schools

From that video you will see that OJ believes that every person is secretly racist.

And it doesn't end there.  CLICK HERE  to see the huge number of bizarre comments that OJ has made on Twitter.

Why is all this important? OJ Oleka is a Republican candidate to be Kentucky State Treasurer. The state treasurer's most important function is to be a watchdog that guards our state's money from abuse and misuse. We know how liberals love to squander public money. In a critical position like State Treasurer we need a strong conservative who is dedicated to less government, not more government. We need a conservative penny pincher.

OJ Oleka is no conservative, he is a RINO. If elected OJ will use the office of treasurer as a platform to advance his racism "ideology".

You will find more information about OJ Oleka on this website:

More examples of OJ Oleka tweets showing that he is a radical leftist

And this video analysis of the Kentucky Treasurer race by Lee Watts of Patriot Point:

Lee Watts walking through the OJ Oleka tweets and warning the Republicans who endorse him

And as Lee Watts discusses, please make a note of the RINO Republicans who have endorsed Oleka. REMEMBER, when it's their turn to ask for your vote you need to look for a REAL conservative Republican who does NOT hate conservative Republicans. Remember, the Bible says "By their fruits you shall know them".

Here are the RINOs who have endorsed Oleka

Andrew Cooperrider is a Strong Conservative Republican for Kentucky State Treasurer

We can do much better than OJ Oleka in the May 16, 2023 primary. I am supporting and will be voting for Andrew Cooperrider for State Treasurer. Andrew Cooperrider is a dedicated and articulate conservative who will hold Frankfort accountable when it comes to your tax dollars.

And finally, I decided to set up this website because I believe that OJ Oleka would be a big mistake and it's a mistake that Republicans need to avoid making, and can avoid making. We have a much better option.

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