OJ Oleka in His Own Words

OJ is focussed on race

OJ says black lives are not valued in our society

OJ did not descend from slaves but feels as if he did

OJ explains why black folks hate conservatives

OJ is a Statue Remover

OJ Celebrating Statue Removal

OJ says Trump is not a Conservative

OJ's definition of conservative NOT your definition of conservative

OJ explains what a conservative like him believes

OJ says Trump is not a conservative

OJ says Trump is a Democrat

OJ says Trump is a Clown

OJ says Trump is a Cancer

OJ says Trump is a fascist

OJ says Trump is a terrorist

OJ Loves Obama; Obama better than Martin Luther King

OJ Must Have Voted for Clinton

Yep, Pretty Sure OJ Voted for Clinton

OJ describing racist police

OJ describing police execution

OJ demanding justice for Breonna Taylor

OJ explains racist police brutality

OJ explains why he is so focussed on racism

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